Yawning Or Snarling references


"...One night in El Paso
The cops go into the crowd"

"...Downtown where the river bends"

El Paso, Texas is an American-Mexican border town on the Rio Grande. The river does in fact wind through the core of El Paso. The city has been an important flash point in conflicts over gold, territory and race from the time of Spanish Conquistadors, through to the US Civil War, and up to the adventures of Pancho Villa in the early 20th Century. During its dusty early days, the city did play host to its fair share of good old fashioned Texas riots.

A detail of El Paso's rough and tumble reputation: "Most authorities agree that the arrival of the railroads in 1881 and 1882 was the single most significant event in El Paso history, as it transformed a sleepy, dusty little adobe village of several hundred inhabitants into a flourishing frontier community that became the county seat in 1883 and reached a population of more than 10,000 by 1890. As El Paso became a western boomtown, it also became "Six Shooter Capital" and "Sin City," where scores of saloons, dance halls, gambling establishments, and houses of prostitution lined the main streets. At first the city fathers exploited the town's evil reputation by permitting vice for a price, but in time the more farsighted began to insist that El Paso's future might be in jeopardy if vice and crime were not brought under a measure of control. In the 1890s reform-minded citizens conducted a campaign to curb El Paso's most visible forms of vice and lawlessness, and in 1905 the city finally enacted ordinances closing houses of gambling and prostitution."

Hip Head and Simpsons trivia expert John Mazerolle discovered this interesting piece of info in an old Tales From The Hip newsletter from February of 1995:

" Now that Day for Night will be coming out in America, I suppose we should let you in on a few things, since we did record most of it in your country...

Yes, the cops did go into the crowd once in El Paso. It was at Club 101 and it was crazy. They also busted a guy in the can and almost dropped him on our guitars. Since they had guns, I let them do what they wanted."