Springtime in Vienna references


"...we live to survive our paradoxes"
"...the blues are still required again"

Gord Downie told Mav in September, 2005 that the title of the song was derived from a quip Gord Sinclair made after the band overheard a couple arguing while walking in New Orleans: "...It's like springtime in Vienna."

Founded in the first century AD when Roman soldiers set up a military camp to protect valuable shipping and strategic military routes, Vienna has long been a standing symbol of juxtaposition. Beauty, art and conflict have come to define the city for more than nineteen hundred years.

Vienna experienced a cultural renaissance in 1945 after being liberated from its Nazi oppressors. The reawakening, the coming of a new dawn for the ancient and venerable metropolis, was often describe as a "flowering" of a perennial in spring. Some things, no matter how hard they're trampled on: the human spirit, artistic expression, even the Blues themselves; can never be extinguished.  

"Springtime in Vienna"  itself seems to make a case for art and its role in brightening and even explaining the occurrences of our daily lives. Leading a life, like creating music, demands certain rules be followed, even if they are only loosely adhered to before we finally find our rhythm, our way. If the blues are still required, than Vienna would be well equipped. Besides being a cultural powerhouse, the city played host to a resurgent post-war musical movement, where blues, jazz and indigenous melodies flowed through streets that had been carved by Caesar's men.

There is a popular orchestral movement called "Springtime in Vienna" which is still performed by the world renowned Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Austria is of course home to Mozart, Schubert and Haydn, a pretty decent triple threat of classical composers.

And just in case you were wondering what Vienna looked like in the springtime: