Vegas Strip lyrics


You got more attention

Than Cleopatra's lips

Sucking on a swizzle stick

Black dogs (?) clothing pavilions

On those pleasure trips


As far as illumination goes

In the darkest deep, Germany, looked like Vegas strip


You had more to measure than Ebakenezor

Your greatest wish was to let the enemy not exist

Night sounds, the pound of sleep snores

Through restless downpours

Through murmurs in the mist

Ah, damn


As far as illumination is

May the darkest roots whither you 

Looked like Vegas strip

Narcotic roots, whither you, lit up like the Vegas strip


When you turn it on, turn it on, turn it on

You could really turn it on


We were supported by the sound of violins

And held in their diaphones grips

Black dogs, sense the pounding, start surrounding

You're in their lips


It's like the darkest deep (?) up like the Vegas strip

Through your dark intent, time is spent

Black dogs on the Vegas strip

You're like the enterprise that led the pride

Black dogs on the Vegas strip


Turn it on as far as illumination goes