Titanic Terrarium references


"Growing up in a biosphere
No respect for bad weather"

Biosphere's, like this impressive looking thing:

are enclosed reproductions of the Earth's unique atmosphere and environment which allow living organisms to grow. These man made contraptions can support life-forms, and people do live in these artificial environments for years at a time. A powerful and moving documentary of such an endeavor was released a few years ago:

Hip Head Chris Janzen may have figured this out:

"Heard something on the radio a few days ago that the line 'no respect for bad weather' seems to reference. In Biosphere 2, none of the trees could hold their own weight due to the fact that they'd had no exposure to wind."

This link contained some info about such. Click it. Maybe it still works.

"The trees grown in Biosphere 2, in the absence of the nearly constant and variable action of the wind upon their trunks and branches, failed to grow the stress wood that would help them stand strong."

 "...There's a trace of mint wafting in from the North
so we don't fuck with the 401"

The 401 is the busiest highway in Canada and runs east and west across the province of Ontario. It's notorious for its traffic, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, so motorists who can avoid messing with it, do. 

This "mint" lyric was a constant source of e-mail inquiry from the earliest days of this site. I didn't have a clue. Thanks to the kindness of Jennifer Baichwal, Gord himself solved the mystery:

"Mint equals cold. Winter/storm coming, so donít do the drive on the 401ó snow, blizzard,"

"...His great grandfather worked for Goodyear"
He'd see the blimp on Sunday's."

Goodyear is a successful tire manufacturer, who also own a blimp. The airship, with massive Goodyear logo displayed on its side, usually shows up over heavily attended Sunday afternoon football games.

You'll have to squint on account of my Blackberry camera, but that's the Goodyear blimp and a Lancaster bomber over Toronto on Sept 25, 2016.

"...he helped build the Titanic"

The Titanic was a big ship on a bad trip. The museum's resident Titanic expert, suggests that this website can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the subject. Personally, after hearing 9,876 speeches about the boat in grade and middle school, I think I've got it down.


A Terrarium is a greenhouse-style enclosed environment, much like a biosphere, where you can grow all sorts of crazy stuff, including poisonous frogs apparently.