Summer's Killing Us references


"...Canada lost, go home."

Most often, when Canada competes as one during the summertime, it's usually at the Olympics, or the Canada/World Cup of Hockey. For a country its size, Canada does very well in terms of hauling home medals, yet the Royal Canadian Inferiority Complex (the national pastime) requires Canadians to bash their athletes and lament how many medals the other guys won. As for hockey, well, let's just say we'll beat your backwater 'burgh every day of the week and twice on Sunday. However, and this may be pure Communist propaganda, it appears that the Russians and Czech's did win a few of those summertime hockey tourney's back in the 80's.

Gord had this to say about SKU during the making of Christopher Mills' "Macroscopic:"

"Summer's Killing Us" is part bragadacio, or part bragging: I don't know Italian."

Does summer exist in its praises?
Does summer exist in its praises?
Summer lives here in its praises.

"Well, maybe Summer doesn't exist unless we say it does, unless we give it a name."

And does your family know your wishes?
Cause this chorus'll do ya like the dishes

"There's the bragging part."

Summer's killing us!
It's just sing sing sing all day

"So, I guess I'm trying to make some connection between slavery and summer." SD: During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, slaves brought to North and Central America from Africa were fond of singing in order to somewhat alleviate their merciless toil. They would often sing in veiled phrases; slyly taking shots at their captors in verse.

 We can have strictly cactus relations
Telling the waves to stop cra-sh-ing

"A cactus relationship, obviously, is one that doesn't require a lot of TLC. It exists in pretty extreme conditions."

To float awhile on your shore power
Til you say
'Canada lost. Go home.'

"A bit of that feeling abroad that everyone can get."

Hip Head Luke Hatton pointed out that the line "Summer is forever changes" may be a nod to Arthur Lee and Love's psychadelic masterwork "Forever Changes."