Streets Ahead references


Did Chevy Chase inspire a Hip song? I have no idea.

The Urban Dictionary has this to say:

"Streets Ahead: cool or awesome

As seen on Dan Harmon's Twitter and his show "Community."

"That new box office hit is so streets ahead."

"I thought he was really streets ahead but he turned out to be streets behind"

And check this out before NBC sues Youtube for posting it and you for watching it... they're so streets behind.

Streets Ahead on Youtube

Ha! Hip Head Sallie just sent me this;

Huff Post on Hip "The interviewer asked [Gord] about "Streets Ahead" right off the bat. Apparently Gord had never heard of Community and it's just an odd coincidence. It's a pretty funny exchange:

I ask if the title of the song "Streets Ahead," a phrase that became a running joke on an episode of the cult TV show Community, was inspired by the character of Pierce Hawthorne (played Chevy Chase) and his use of it.

"Pierce Hawthorne," Downie repeats, blank-faced. "Is that a writer?" I say that he's a character on a TV show, and that he claims to have coined the phrase.

"Oh really? How do you 'coin' something?" he asks, bemused.

The Hip, it seems, came across the words "streets ahead" in an entirely different way.

"I definitely heard it in passing, but I think it was a BBC program... Is that guy English? He sounds English."

"Pierce Hawthorne. He's French, Gord," Baker jokes.

"Well then, I understand," Downie says with a laugh. "No. I don't know."

I try to explain the joke and the use of the phrase in the context of the episode, but it's too late. I have unwittingly started a feud between the lead singer of The Tragically Hip and a fictional character.

"I'm just incredulous, aghast and really impressed by that kind of convincingness. 'I coined that!'" he muses. "Anyway, you tell him I'm looking for him."

Anyway, I thought that might help with the references! Thanks for all your work!"

Thank you Sallie.