Stereo lyrics


Hip Head Cara Dormody provided this transcribed version of the original "Stereo:"

"Stereo" really spoke to me, I play it over and over sometimes, it's just the most beautiful song. I can't find lyrics for it anywhere, so I sat down with some time, patience and great headphones, equalizer tweaked so I could hear voice above all else, and I deciphered most of the lyrics. I want to share them with you, even if you don't use them, I'd love it if you did. Only your site had the lyrics to "Montreal" and I'm so grateful you had them!!

This is what I deciphered from Stereo, to the best of my ability.

I live on the eleventh floor; you live on the seventh floor.
You know you can always come up.
Even when I fucked up, yeah even when you fucked up.
You know you can always come up.

And the days we would spend;
and the nights they would never end.
we were like; best friends.
you were my best friend.

Then one day you never came up,
I just thought that you'd got stuck.
That's the last day you ever came up.

I don't wonder what happened to you;
I'm sure you'll do what you do.
But you know, you've got your friend.

( guitar interlude, indecipherable words )

I was in that boat, clingin' for a while
looking for someone to stoke the fire
Pickin' out the highlights of the scenery
saw some little birds they looked so little, like me.
My feet on the banks, looked up to the
(indecipherable last 2 or 3 words, I listened to that 10 seconds at least 30 times. I could make guesses but I'd probably be wrong. It sounds like; "looked up to the long boat they'd said zero thanks" but it isn't. )