So Hard Done By references


"...It was true cinema-a-clef, you should see it before there's nothing left."

"Cinema-a-clef," or "key-cinema" or "cinema with a key" refers to films such as Citizen Kane which portray real people and events under the guise of fictional characters or settings. Whenever you see Rainier Wolfcastle on screen, it's a small-screen piece of "cinema-a-clef." The term has also come to explain, again due to Wells' "Kane," film scripts which reveal their plot devices or key detail after most of the film has been revealed. They contain an "...ah ha!" light-bulb-going-off-in-the-brain moment such as in The Sixth Sense.

"...It's a monumental big-screen kiss, it's so deep it's meaningless."

Here are some "monumental big-screen kisses" for all you romantics out there: