Skeleton Park references


"Skeleton Park
One fine summer evening..."

"Be my sweetheart
Over in Skeleton Park..."

Skeleton Park is a real place in the boys hometown of Kingston, Ontario. It was originally a garrison burial ground in 1816 and by the 1820's it had become a public cemetery. The cemetery closed in 1864, but people in Kingston began using the space as a public park. This became complicated when bones and caskets began poking up out of the ground. Eventually, the city cleaned out the dead folks. And so, even though it is officially known as McBurney Park, the folks around Kingston town still call it "Skeleton Park" to this day.

"Willows of the Rideau canal softly sing..."

The Rideau Canal was built as a military transport route. In the event of an American attack on Fort Henry or Ottawa, the canal route from Kingston to Ottawa would allow the Canadians to quickly re-supply or retreat depending on whatever the military situation called for. Colonel By and a whole lot of slaves built it. Today, people skate on it.