Cemetery Sideroad references


"...I'm looking for a cemetery sideroad"

During the development of Upper Canada (part of today's Ontario; largely populated during the American Revolution) a common name for -you guessed it- the road leading to the town graveyard, was the extremely inventive; Cemetery Side Road. A road still in use and bearing that name survives in Kingston. It sits just west of the city near Cataraqui Cemetery. A larger "Cemetery Side rd." connects with the stretch of Highway 7 between Ottawa and Carleton Place, Ontario.

"...like a French Foreign Legion tramp"

The world renowned French military/commando unit is notoriously secretive and alluring to young French men. It has a legendary reputation for attracting rough and adventurous recruits who are often fleeing their pasts. The French Foreign Legion is often associated with a romantic ideal of a soldier seeking danger and adventure. "Tramp" in this context meaning a young man who is out to travel and take on the world.