Sharks references


"...From the moon down to the surface
Of the Mariana's Trench"

The Mariana Trench is the deepest place on earth. It is located roughly 400 km's Southwest of Guam, near the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The trench cuts through the Ocean floor 11 km's below sea level. This makes the trench much deeper than Mount Everest is high. While bacteria and microbes have been discovered living in the trench, it is far too deep, dark and cold to support large aquatic life, such as sharks. 

A new world depth record of 35,800 feet was set in 1960, when the bathyscaphe Trieste descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The bathyscaphe was designed by Belgian scientist Auguste Piccard, and is specifically engineered for the deepest of deep sea exploring.

"...Sharks don't attack the Irish
It's mostly Australians."

Bono is Irish. Remember Yahoo Serious? Me neither. But he was Australian. And while you're here: sharks mostly attack Americans, with the majority of shark attacks happening off US shores.

"...and those people from Berlin"

Oh them? They're not from Berlin, they're just visiting.