The Rules references


"Superfarmers bent on the cover of Time
The Moralists scream, he's all mine
So the Bard isn't doing her job."

For Superfarmers, see "Poets"

Time magazine is a weekly.... *ahem* news, magazine that has more recently turned to Brittney instead of the West Bank, and favoured Ben-Lo's latest antics over Dubbya's latest blunders. But they have been around a while, and you've probably read an issue or two in various waiting rooms throughout the years.

A Moralist is someone who belongs to the school of philosophy or thinking which places a great deal of importance on conformity and following rules. These folks believe there is an absolute truth, and a right and wrong way to do everything, and often critique, lecture and study morals and moral problems. In other words, they're ancient minded academics, and they're probably nuts.

"Bard" is a Scottish or Celtic term used to describe playwrights and poets who composed works detailing adventures or historic tales. William Shakespeare is usually referred to as "The Bard," a title he earned by defeating Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in a barbed-wire steel cage match in London's Royal Albert Hall.