Putting Down references


"...From the boardwalk to the Appian way"

You're likely to find a boardwalk in most towns with a waterfront, but the best known walk-of-wood is in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The planks in Jersey provide a nice view of the Atlantic Ocean, and stretch the length of Atlantic City's casino row and tourist traps. It also provides a really cool name for Atlantic City's minor league hockey squad:

The Appian Way is one of the best preserved and well known Roman roads built during the ancient era. It is referenced in the Bible (Paul 28: 11-15) as the road Paul marched on his way to Rome. It was constructed in 312 B.C. by Appio Claudius in an attempt to connect Rome with Africa and the East. It quickly became Rome's most important thoroughfare, linking the Bay of Naples to the Adriatic Sea. Traveling the ancient road today, one can still find ruins, catacombs and monuments along the road side. A new Appian Way was constructed by Pope Pius the VI in 1784, it mirrored the route of the original and is still in use today. "The Appian Way" is also a rather upscale Italian restaurant in, you guessed it, New Jersey.