No Threat references


"...Gotta a window-washer's eye
For an untuckable sky"

No Threat developed out of a riff Bobby showed the band in Hamilton on New Years Eve 2004. The band then developed it rather quickly in a recording session with Adam Kasper of "In Between Evolution" fame.

The song debuted in Grand Falls-Windsor Newfoundland and Labrador in the summer of 2005 and was the first radio single from the greatest hits/DVD package "Hipeponymous." Eponymous means "self-titled" or "one who gives his name to something."

Downie has ranted on stage about a window washer before. He once went on at length about a window washer spying on someone, becoming aroused, falling off the building, and having an earth-shattering orgasm before crashing into the ground.

"...Rest your weary arms 'cept at sevens at yer sides"

In addition to being a cool way of describing squeegee's dangling holster-like at your sides, "sevens at your sides" is also an Irish dance term. When dancing in the traditional Irish style: the first thing to remember is that at all times during the dance your arms must be straight and held down by your sides (like a soldier at attention) The "sevens step" is a bound or hop step to the left or right, in the same way that a window washer would need to push off with the legs in order to shift left to right across a window pane.

Gord thought it was cool when I informed him of this on December 14, 2005. He even mentioned that he might incorporate it into an on stage dance. However, he wasn't aware of the term, and said the imagery came to him as he thought of how old people, or people who have led a hard life, stand hunched with arms bent at their sides.