New Orleans Is Beat references


"...No one will give you a thing these days
They'd rather kill it or throw it away
You don't do dark American streets so
If New Orleans is beat
Where's that leave you and me."

A song inspired by a trip to New Orleans with friends. Gord recalled in 2004 that he was eager to show some traveling companions a small hang out which he felt proved that raw, authentic and uncompromised culture could still exist in an increasingly corporate run, homogenous world. Upon arrival, the group discovered that the shop had closed. Gord pondered that perhaps even New Orleans, a city he'd previously hailed as genuine, could be beat.

"...Here where the Mississippi quits
Where it still has a bit of Minnesota in it."

The Mississippi river is one of the most famous bodies of water on earth, having become a cultural symbol in the economic and social development of the United States. Mark Twain called it a "wonderful book, with a new story to tell everyday." The river flows south from Minnesota and empties 3,700km's downstream into the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans, Louisiana.