My Music At Work references


Michael Barclay's book The Never Ending Present comes through again with this tid-bit:

"The song's title comes directly from an existing ad campaign for a Toronto FM radio station, EZ Rock."

Next to journalists not capitalizing the T on the "The" in The Tragically Hip, my next biggest pet peeve is Canadian radio stations mispronouncing zed. The above says E Zed Rock and doesn't make sense. Only one English speaking nation on earth mispronounces zed, and we are not it. Only ne'er do wells and gutter snipes refuse to capitalize the first "T" in The Tragically Hip. It is then only the most base and feckless thugs who mispronounce zed. Round 'em up. All of 'em.

"...In a sink full of Ganges I'd remain"

The Ganges River is the "nectar of immortality;" a central religious and cultural icon for Hindu's the world over. The river takes its name from the Goddess Ganga Ma, or "Mother Ganges" who is said to have poured herself from the heavens onto the ashes of fallen Hindu's in order to raise their spirits into the afterlife.   

The river stretches from China across India and into Bangladesh, from the Himalayas all the way to the Bay of Bengal. It is 2,506 km's long and its surrounding valley opens to 644 km's at its widest point.

During religious festivals and holy days, Hindu's make a traditional pilgrimage to the river to bathe in it's waters. The Ganges is said to cleanse all sin and immorality, and serves as the sight of both funeral and baptismal ceremonies. Body's or funeral pyres are often sent floating down the river en route to the next world.

However, years of poor cremation practices, environmental degradation and neglect, waste from 2 major hydro electric dams, and municipal policies of dumping raw sewage straight into the holy water, has left the Ganges one of the most polluted rivers on earth.

"...From the middle of the Earth."

Sorry LOTR geeks, this has nothing to do with dwarfs or swords or talking foliage. And if you're a creationist, you may want to go ahead and click over to the "Rhymes With Orange" lyrics and reference page.

Our planet, just like all the others in our neighborhood, is believed to have been formed when hot gasses drew together in space and eventually congealed into hot liquid. This liquid cooled and formed a core, the heavier liquid settling at the centre.

Eventually, when folks like us began walking around, they considered their areas as the centre or middle of the earth. The Greeks believed as much, and had the foresight to write it down, considering themselves as the middle earth dwellers with everybody else on the edges or periphery of their world. This type of thinking, core and periphery, is how we still discuss empires and powerful states today. American culture is often referred to as coming from the middle and influencing the periphery, just like Athenian art a few thousand years ago.       

Many myths exist about what lay at the centre of the Earth. Some believe an omnipresent deity resides there, others think the mysteries of the universe are contained at the Earths core. Everybody from Jules Verne to the latest Hollywood hack have mused about going there to find out. Sadly, you can't use it as a rest stop on the way to China as scientists believe the core is nothing but three levels of liquid, crust and rock.

Some popular myths place a multi-armed Hindu God at the Centre of the Earth: