Morning Moon references


The reactor's down, I guess for Labour Day today It's the first day I aint seen a great plume of steam from across the lake

Hip Head Blake sent this cool info and link along:

I'm a native of Oswego, New York which lies on the south eastern shores of Lake Ontario. My house is probably less than 3 miles from the Nine Mile Point Nuclear power plants (insert radiation deformity joke here) just east of Oswego. Those lyrics have got to be referencing the cooling tower at this site, right? Having been written and recorded at the Bathouse, they'd be looking south across the lake all the time.

And Jeff has this to add:

The opening verse is in reference to the Nine Mile Point nuclear generating station in Oswego NY. The plume from the one tower can be seen from the North shore of eastern Lake Ontario on a clear day. Gord of course is from just outside of Kingston, and also is believed to have a home in Prince Edward County. Both locales would offer a view of the aforementioned plume of steam; however, I believe he's referencing a view from a new home of his, as he states it's the first time he hasn't seen the plume from across the lake.