Another Midnight references


"...She was 1970"

So, what happened in 1970? Well, the movies, "Patton," "Airport," "Five Easy Pieces," "Love Story" and "MASH" were released to theatres, Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada and Richard Nixon was in the White House.

The Stanley Cup went to Boston under head coach Harry Sinden. Sinden would go on to coach Team Canada 1972 during their legendary 8 game series against the Soviets. Sinden is also Gord Downie's godfather.

However, the most significant and historic moment for Canada in 1970 was undoubtedly what would become known as the October Crisis. Separatist terrorists in Quebec kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross and murdered Quebec Cabinet Minister Pierre Laporte. At the request of local and provincial officials, civil liberties were briefly suspended by the federal government and Canada came as close as ever to civil war. The kidnappers were eventually discovered and brought to justice... sort of.

"...Or we're a stolen Cadillac"

" can never find a horn when you're angry!"