Membership references


"...By the time the ice-huts hit the bottom
We were already home in bed
The most worthy men and the fiercest architects
Couldn't fight the current they couldn't save, they couldn't save the sheds."

Just because the water is frozen, doesn't mean you can't go fishing. Ice fishing shelters, which are usually makeshift sheds of wood, aluminum and plastic siding, are erected over a hole drilled in the ice. These huts dot the horizon, stretching out across Canadian lakes, for much of the winter months.

"...Being drawn along by it
Carried under carried away
By its long-term membership."

Just as the current can surprise and engulf an unprepared soul, the trappings of membership can easily carry someone away. We all want to belong, and once swept up in the group, it may be difficult to find your own footing again. It is said that the most dangerous thing a society can face is idle young men. Those who long for a cause, a purpose, something with which to validate their existence, can be easily swayed into climbing aboard for any odd cause.