The Luxury references


"...Fleur De Lis tattoos"

The ("Flower-of-the-lily" being the inelegant but direct English translation) was the symbol of French royalty and was later adopted by the nationalist movement in Quebec as a national symbol. Ultra conservative, corrupt and controversial Quebec premier Maurice Duplessis gave Quebec it's official Fleur-De-Lis flag in 1948.

"...She says, "Why are you partial to that Playboy con?
When you can see me naked anytime you want?"

Playboy magazine was founded in 1953 by Hugh Heffner. The magazine, which still sells a few copies nowadays, specialized in issues and interests pertaining to men, and is loaded with helpful and valuable articles written by a veritable who's who of capable scribes. It may be famous for other reasons, but I wouldn't know.

"...The Golden Rim Motor Inn
Soft water and a colour TV"

Image courtesy Corby Hart

Image courtesy Shannon Warner

The Golden Rim Motor Inn is a real road side hotel nestled (ever notice how places are always "nestled" in mountains?) in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. And for $100 for a twin bed, I'd be expecting soft water and a colour TV thank you very much.

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