Leaving The Country


She was a porter, she's a porter

She's a porter on a great big Greek cruise line

She was a porter, a little porter, on a luxurious Greek luxury line

That was a bit redundant, so I won't repeat it

I got a habit of saying things twice, if you don't like it: eat it

I had gathered up all my dolls and dishes, I packed in all my little wishes

I took my little children, and I packed a little food for the trip, and we left the mother country

Bound for America, well, Canada to be more specific

I wasn't sure what we'd find there, we were so excited, I wasn't sure what we could expect

I wasn't sure about anything

Except I knew that my woman, who had gone over there in advance to make a little money

She would send back for me and the kids and we'd come over on the Saturnia

The Saturnia, the beautiful luxury Greek liner, long as 90 football fields

Four decks, we had the below the water line class

I met this porter however, little highway girl, fresh outta college

Looking to see the world and get a job at the same time

"Hi, I'm your porter, can I carry your bags?" Yes you can

What's your name? "Verrinia."

I'm Spartacus, I'm Spartacus!

Anyway, the long and short of it is I ended up succumbing to the pressures of lust

The pressures that be. I ended up telling the kids to sleep out on the deck one night

"It's beautiful out there kids, sleep under the stars, Daddy'll see ya in the morning"

And God dammit, sure enough...

Yeah, that's me: King Fucker!

Anyway, the marriage was off, I decided to stay in Canada anyhow

I lost the kids, I lost everyone and Verrinia wasn't done seeing the world.

I asked her to marry me.

It was my last ditch at attempting something other than the loneliness I had accepted

And she turned me down, I tracked her down, it was no good, I made a big fool of myself

Ultimately I sailed back to the mother country and started all over again