Last American Exit references


"...You know you'll probably cry like Caesar's son when you're found"

Gaius Julius Caesar was the last dictator of the Roman Republic and the first Emporer of the Roman Empire. Ol' Jules was fond of gladiators, political reform, military conquest, and trusting all the wrong people. A vast conspiracy surrounded his assassination: "Finally, in early afternoon, Caesar arrived to open the Senate. As planned, Gaius Trebonius engaged Antony in a long discussion outside the Senate to keep him out of the way. The conspirators were well-coordinated; gathering immediately about Caesar as he sat in his curule chair, Tullius Cimber pretended to submit a petition. Suddenly Cimber grabbed Caesar's purple robe and wrenched it away from his neck; the signal for attack. Immediately Casca struck the first blow of the most famous assassination in history" Although disputed, the fatal blow was said to have been struck by Caesar's friend turned foe: Marcus Brutus.

Caesar had only one child, a daughter named Julia. The famous Liz Taylor flick "Cleopatra" includes a well known scene involving Cleopatra addressing rumours that Brutus, Caesar's eventual murderer, is in fact his son. Caesar then emotionally confesses a great regret: he could never father an heir.