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" the Excited States"

As the density of electrons moves out from the centre of a molecule, that molecule is said to be in an Excited State… and that is about all I remember from Grade 11 science class. Essentially, it’s the state molecules adapt when potential energy is put into use.

Hip Head Luke Hatton shares this:

I was recently considering the lyrics to In View, specifically the final verse:

In the Day Eraser’s dark of night
In the Excited States, gone in plain sight
Under the wave or by cavelight
I lose, things change, but never in your eyes

In your reference window to the song, you mention the phrase ‘excited states’ in reference to electrons within a molecule. For example, when a photon interacts with an electron, the electron is pushed into a higher-energy state within the overall system of the atom. Electrons orbit around nuclei in discrete rings, the further away the ring the higher the energy level and therefore, the more ‘excited’ the state of said electron.

However, I believe there are further references to sub-atomic physics in this verse.

‘Gone in plain sight’ and ‘under the wave’ could refer to the wave/particle duality of quantum mechanics. A photon is said to exist not as a particle or a wave, but as BOTH at the same time. Both forms of measurement are interchangeable, but only the act of measurement determines which is measured. The Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment is said to illustrate the nature of a quantum superposition, and how an act of measurement changes the outcome. (It must be said, though, that I’m not a physicist, so the above is a very simplified layman’s understanding.)

In addition to this, the line ‘by cavelight’ may refer to Allegory of the Cave by Plato. This allegory represents, according to Wikipedia, “the effect of education and the lack of it on our nature”. In the allegory, observers view not objects in the real world, but instead their shadows cast onto the cave wall in which they’re imprisoned.

I’ve read a many popular science books, and quite a few refer to the Allegory of the Cave by Plato as a metaphor of the progress of science.

Could Downie have been reading a science/physics text at the time of writing these lyrics?

"...In the Day Eraser's dark of night"

HipHead Edmund Gin adds this: there's a striking peculiarity that relates the cryptic lyrics near the end of "In View" to the last stanza of a poem published by Mason Maestro in 2008 called "Day Eraser."

Day Eraser by Mason Maestro

What’s troubling us
Is it the claim we’re not the same?
Or just inconsistent
They no longer think
This knowledge has any link

Everything they think means nothing
What’s troubling us is that nothing goes quiet?
Wisdom is knowing how little we know
Intellectual capacity is no guarantee
Against being dead wrong

What’s troubling us overhearing conversations
That they’ll be coming for you or me
When it finally matters
All of us become pneumatic
And all of the matter
Becomes electromagnetic

What’s troubling us? Who won American Idol?
The latest craze is our golden idol
No one is afraid enough? It’s in all our eyes
Then to pretend all understanding
Is but a pretense
Pretending the pretense of understanding
Depends on the pretense of defense

This day eraser's in the dark of night
A Pleaedian body from Alcyone’s light
Tail dust approach, not in plain sight
Past the path of Saturn, this celestial flight
What should be troubling us
Troubled Atlantis at its last passing