In Sarnia references


You''re in my heart
It's in my pockets and in my eyes, oh!
In my blood
Sarnia, you've been on my mind
You've been on my mind

Before you get too excited Sarnia, you should know that the original lyric notes have the song listed as "Insomnia," which is then scratched out in favour of the name of your fair city.

However, the track does seem to be a bit of an ode to that hard working city by the beach, Sarnia, Ontario.

Sarnia had a bad rep. It was "Chemical City" due to its major industries. But when those jobs started drying up in the 1990's, Sarnia had no choice but to re-invent itself. While its population is still growing at a much slower rate than the rest of Ontario, an ambitious new plan has been launched to correct that. Sarnia's civic leaders have launched a plan to repurpose old industrial buildings, recruit immigrants from Asia to its college and convince them to stay, and appeal to young professionals from Toronto who are sick and tired of traffic and smog. At least, that's the pitch.

And it might be working. Sarnia has a bit of cultural buzz they say. Some entrepreneurial ventures have started up:

And there is a new gallery, "downtown."

Sarnia, it's boring here... but that's our strength.