Heaven Is A Better Place Today references


"...It's just not the same because of this
It's just not the same."

A song about what people say at funerals. As Gord said, "you gotta say something." It was dedicated to the memory of Dan Snyder, a young hockey player with the Atlanta Thrashers who was killed when teammate Danny Heatley wrecked the sports car in which they were riding. Snyder was himself a fan of the band, having seen The Hip in Atlanta during October of 2002.

"...A toonie to the busker and a husky 'keep it comin' under my breath"

Perhaps another obvious one, but one I've also been asked about Stateside. A "toonie" or "twonie" is the nickname of Canada's two dollar coin:

The name is derived from the "loonie," the nickname of the one dollar coin which preceded it:

The coin replaced the old two dollar bill in 1996:

Names like "dubloonie" were tossed around before the current nickname finally stuck.

"Busker" is slang for a street performer: musician, dancer, magician, fire eater; who makes a living traveling to various festivals and public squares or street corners to perform their particular act. They are guerrilla performers who use the public space as their stage.