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The six below writings constitute the original submission I made to publishers in 2005. Nobody was interested. So... enjoy!

Introduction: A Museum After Dark
-"I know it's only rock and roll..."
-The Tragically Hip Paradox: Nationalism
-Find Your Message
-This Music Speaks To Me

Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)
-For one who I loved who had died

Three Pistols
-Pride of the Northern Woods

Nautical Disaster
-Dreams and death at sea

Lake Fever
-Cholera and Upper Canada

Hip Philosophy
-Use it up


As The Hip embarked on their Man Machine Poem tour in 2016,
I wrote this summation of the site for Canada's History:

Hip and History:
Canada's Band

500 words published on the big day:

Hip Pilgrimages
No Two Ever The Same

I wrote this for Postmedia before they opted to go with the Pilgrimages piece above instead:

Big In The States
That Question Again

A delirious, joyful night in Kingston:

What The CBC Failed To Catch
A review from inside the 08/20/16 final show

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