Take Forever references


"...When I broke down, I always thought I would go to Calgary."

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Home of the Stampede, oil wealth, Lanny McDonald and his moustache and Bret "the Hitman" Hart. What is not to love?

Gord referenced the city as the saviour of Canada during a live show there in 2011. 'Save us Calgary!' Because of its oil wealth and growing population (and Bret 'the Hitman' Hart, let us be honest) Calgary is gaining stature and influence in a country that was once defined by its eastern metropolises. Hey Calgary, the National Energy Program was a noble policy set on fostering the greater good for all Canadians. Yep, it is true. Send me yer angry emails.

"...Calgary, to have my heart attack.
Calgary, the place to do it, it's a fact."

Hip Head Scott Desveaux has found a link here: "I came across this CBC article from February 5, 2010 that made me get a sense of connectedness with the Take Forever lyric.

Now for plan A was released October 2012. Initially I had thought "is that timeline too tight to work? When was their final studio session for the album?" While I could not quickly find the answer, I did find the song debuted at the Feb 16, 2010 show in Fort Albany - 11 days after the article was published. That was enough of a connection for me to pass it along."