Fighter Fighter references


"...Oh, the Lordís Resistance Army sent
Forty-five children to test"

The Lord's Resistance Army is a rebel guerilla faction fighting in Uganda's seemingly endless civil war. They have become infamous for their brutal slaughter and torture of innocent civilians, many of which are women and children, as they seek to mix terrorism and barbarism to reach their political goals. The organization recruits and employs child soldiers and is one of the most reviled military groups on the planet today. From bases in Sudan, the LRA strike in Uganda without warning and are believed to be supported by the Sudanese government. From :  "The LRA has abducted large numbers of civilians for training as guerrillas; most victims were children and young adults. The LRA abducted young girls as sex and labour slaves. Other children, mainly girls, were reported to have been sold, traded, or given as gifts by the LRA to arms dealers in Sudan. While some later escaped or were rescued, the whereabouts of many children remain unknown."

"...The Moroto river swellin
Was quite impassible as you might expect"

Moroto is both a city and a mountain in Eastern Uganda. At times, the portion of the Okere river which winds near the area is called the "Moroto river."