Cordelia references


"...Treading the boards, screaming out Macbeth
Just to see how much bad luck you really get"

The bard enters Hip lore once again with this reference to King Lear's youngest daughter Cordelia. In Shakespeare's "King Lear," the young royal bucks tradition and refuses to feed her fathers ego with compliments in exchange for a portion of England to call her own. The oft told tale of treachery, traitorous relatives and way too many words ending with "th" follows. In the end, well I don't wanna spoil it for you, but lets just say that Bill sure wasn't a fan of the happy ending.

Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" is said to be cursed. When it was first performed in front of Witch-aficionado King James, it contained a reenactment of an occult ceremony to please the King. This offended the witching community, and a group of activist witches (I checked, and at this point: the witches union was not a part of the CAW) placed a curse on the play. Anyone involved with the production who said the word "Macbeth" while not reciting a line from dialogue was doomed to seven years of bad luck or a few weeks of bad gas or some other terrible calamity... there are literally dozens of interpretations regarding the curse and its effects. To avoid the curse, players had to refer to their project as "The Scottish Play."

The only way to break the curse, and this seems more like an invitation than a deterrent, was to step outside the theatre, spin around in circles, and scream obscenities. And you thought the 17th century was boring.

And this seems the best place to put this powerful e-mail from Hip Head Mark. Enjoy:

Hello there. I too have been Hip for as long as I can remember. Canadian music has always spoke loudly to this Yorkshireman, and I have never even been to Canada. Joni, Sir Neil Young, Rush and the Hip are my favs.

Rather than waffle about Gordy being the best frontman - ever! - or how ridiculously talented Rob Baker is, I would like to draw your attention to Cordelia. This song, whether I correctly interpreted the lyrics or not, helped me resolve personal issues with my dead father.

I hated the bastard but thanks to that song, I think I finally laid his claim on me nul & void. I do not know if Gordy suffered abuse, several songs seem to indicate as much, but neither do I want to pry. I just want your take on the lyrics.

I wanted to tattoo the lyric on my tattooless body, it spoke so deeply to me: "the thief blinded on the job has to steal for life." But I was not sure why, or what exactly Gordy meant, but the song made me angry and bitter and teary eyed. Then I looked up the role of Cordelia in King Lear and it clicked. "It takes all your power, to prove you don't care" - thats my dad, who could not care less about me - "But I am not Cordelia, I will not be there." - thats me, refusing to be bent into the shape my father wanted me to be. If I have misunderstood, please correct me, but either way, the smartest band in operation saved me a fortune in therapy bills.

I do not apologise for the candour I have displayed, I hope you are sympathetic and respond. I eagerly await your reply and am deeply jealous of your job! Only seen them twice, both times in London, and they do not visit us often enough.

Yours Tragically,