Bring It All Back references

"I'd been carving you
To see what form you'd take
You were hiding in ivory
I just wanted to free your shape..."

Hip Head Tina from Michigan offers this: "So, in "Bring it All Back," the lines "I'd been carving you... I just wanted to free your shape" screams Michelangelo to me. I had to take two semesters of art history in college, and Michelangelo talked about seeing the shape and freeing (liberating) what he saw in the marble. I wish I could find it now, but I remember reading some extract of a letter or something where he talked about struggling to liberate what he saw in the marble. Maybe it was with the Awakening Slave."

"It's gotta be here
In your spider-web alphabets..."

Tina also suggests, "spider-web alphabets" seems like another Charlotte's Web reference."