All Tore Up references


"...With Dottie, the bluegrass singer
Baring her local breast
Singing, "You want an open concept!?
- I'll give ya open concepts!"

I couldn't find any reference to "Dottie" in interviews or album premiere broadcasts, but a well known bluegrass singer named Dottie does regularly perform in Gord's adopted hometown of Toronto. She also experienced great success around the time In Violet Light would have been conceived.

Dottie Cormier is one of Canada's foremost bluegrass artists. She was described in a 2002 edition of Socan's 'Words and Music' magazine as "someone to watch out for," and is already regarded as a respected veteran among Ontario musicians. Having grown up in Toronto, Cormier began her career in the mid nineties when she formed Heartbreak Hill, an influential and successful touring bluegrass band. The first full length Heartbreak Hill disc was nominated for a Juno Award in 1999, and remains one of the best selling "roots/traditional" albums in Canada. Dottie followed up her Heartbreak Hill success with a solo release and tour that were both critically well received, warranting comparisons to Sarah Harmer and Greg Keelor.

"...Tonight's the night, tonight"

Perhaps a nod to Neil Young's 1975 album "Tonight's The Night." The title track from that record would return as a regular cover during Gord Downie's solo tour of 2003.

"...Drink up folks it's getting on time to close"

This is also a lyric in Joni Mitchell's legendary "Blue" which popped up again two years later on In Between Evolution's "The Heart of the Melt"