Man Machine Poem references


It works
In monkeys
You’re right
But it’s a thin win.”

Gord Downie said that “Man Machine Poem” is "me talking to my wife. She’s the poem, I’m the machine. The lyrics... they mean something to me.” These particular lyrics make reference to clinical studies, presumably cancer studies, which show results in monkey patients.

“...The Egg Thief.”

It’s hard to know if Downie has capitalized this to refer to this guy or something more abstract:

“...Avocet and Peregrine”

An Avocet is a long-legged shore bird. It has webbed feet and a long, upturned bill.

A Peregrine is a type of falcon, a bird eating raptor, that is very common in North America.

Peregrine falcons have been known to attack Avocet’s.