Cooking In Wartime references


"...there are murderers among us
Crawling out of the tv"

From Luke Hatton:

I think I may have stumbled across a few Hip references that do not appear on your Hip Museum site. Both relate to the song “Cooking In Wartime” from The Right Whale.

The first reference is may be a reference to the 2002 film “The Ring” or its original 1998 Japanese version, “Ringu.” This is a kind of obvious pop-culture reference. I can’t say I’m a fan of the film, but there was a memorable scene that was notoriously lauded by press and media, of which I think the couplet refers.

"And facing it
Always facing it
Where the heaviest seas run with the wind
And that's the way to get through"

The second reference, which is also featured in “Cooking In Wartime”, I discovered purely by chance. I was reading “Hitch-22: A Memoir” by Christopher Hitchens, and in the last chapter, titled ‘Decline, Mutation, or Metamorphosis?’ I discovered the following line:

“Facing it, Captain McWhirr,” as Conrad puts it in his Typhoon. “Always facing it. That’s the way to get through.”

This quote from Hitchens seems to be referring to the novel “Typhoon” by Joseph Conrad. This dialogue seemed very familiar to me, and I realised that these lines are from “Cooking In Wartime” - obviously omitting the reference to ‘Captain McWhirr’.

It's almost a word-for-word reference of the above quote. It's strange the things you stumble across.