At Transformation references


“...I want to help you lift enormous things
A pinch a sting I don’t feel a thing...”

Many of the songs on “Now For Plan A” carry pieces of Downie’s struggle to support his wife as she dealt with a breast cancer diagnosis. Gord noted that news of that nature “makes you want to hurry up and live a beautiful, great life with your family. That’s very freeing.” The song writing process and the album itself took a back seat. “Writing... I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t see the point.” When Gord finally put pen to paper again he noted, “many of these songs are me trying to help, mutely. The way a man does around breast cancer.”

“Writing cleared my mind, it focused my mind. It focused everything.” Downie expressed his sense of helplessness and earnestness, the struggle to assist when truly there is nothing you can do to help. “I want to help you lift enormous things... she might say, ‘I don’t need help lifting enormous things.’”